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Airplane Picture - Whiteheads plane.

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1901:


Airplane Picture - Whiteheads plane.

Picture - Whiteheads plane.

At the start of the 20th century, the French Navy is a major user of shipboard balloons and man-lifting kites.
The French Navy torpedo boat tender Foudre operates a spherical balloon experimentally during naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean sea.


11 July - The Wright brothers' arrive for their second season at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, during which they will test their 1901 glider.
27 July - Wilbur Wright makes 17 flights in the Wright 1901 glider on the first day of the glider's flight trials at Kitty Hawk.
31 July - German meteorologists Berson and Sxring climb to 10,800 m (35,433 ft) in a free balloon.


Airplane Picture - Santos-Dumont at the Eiffel Tower.

Picture - Santos-Dumont at the Eiffel Tower.

8 August - Wilbur Wright achieves a flight of 389 feet (118.5 m) at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the Wright 1901 glider.
14 August - in Fairfield, Connecticut, Gustave Whitehead reportedly flies his engine-powered Whitehead No. 21 folding-wing, rudderless, flying machine 800m. at 15m. height, according to an article in the Bridgeport Sunday Herald.


3 October - Wilhelm Kress trials his Drachenflieger seaplane that makes a short hop before capsizing.
19 October - Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont flies his dirigible Number 6 around the Eiffel Tower to collect an FF100,000 prize.
29 October - The Aero Club of the United Kingdom, predecessor of the Royal Aero Club, is established.


Airplane Picture - Kress' triplane.

Picture - Kress' triplane.

22 November - The Wright brothers begin wind tunnel experiments at Dayton, Ohio, to optimise the wing design of what will become their 1902 glider. During their experiments, which last into December, they will in essence develop the modern understanding of aerodynamics.

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