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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1921:


Bessie Coleman attends flying school in France and became the first licensed African-American female pilot.
Mexicana de Aviacix³n begins service.
The Imperial Japanese Navy acquires its first rigid and semi-rigid airships.


Boeing wins a $1,448,000 contract to build 200 Thomas-Morse MB-3 fighters for the US Army, allowing the company to abandon furniture-making.
June 8 - the US Army carries out the first experiments in cabin pressurisation, using a de Havilland DH.4.
June 13 - the US Army and Navy begin trials in Chesapeake Bay to test the effectiveness of aircraft in attacking ships. The captured German destroyer G-102, light cruiser Frankfurt and battleship Ostfriesland will all be successfully sunk by aerial bombing.


Douglas Aircraft Company founded.
July 21 - United States Army Air Service Martin NBS-1 bombers sink the decommissioned German battleship Ostfriesland in the Atlantic Ocean off the Virginia Capes after Billy Mitchell urges bombing trials to show the power of aircraft to sink major warships.


August 11 - Schneider Trophy race flown at Venice, Italy. In an all-Italian field, Giovanni De Briganti won the race in a Macchi M.7. Speed 189.7 km/h (117.9 mph).
August 24 - British Airship R-38 breaks up over Hull, Yorkshire during trials, killing 44 people.
August 30 - Three Short aircraft of the naval aviation branch of the Chilean Army air corps carry out a successful mock raid from Valparaiso on Coquimbo. This will influence the eventual Chilean decision to separate naval aviation from army aviation.


The British 30-man Sempill Mission, led by Sir William Francis Forbes-Sempill (Captain, the Master of Sempill), arrives in Japan, bringing with it over 100 aircraft comprising 20 different models. Before it returns to the United Kingdom in March 1923, the Mission will greatly improve Imperial Japanese Navy aviation training and understanding of aircraft carrier flight deck operations and the latest naval aviation tactics and technology, and the aircraft it brings will inspire the design of a number of Japanese naval aircraft of the 1920s.
September 19 - the first regular scheduled airline service in Latin America commences, with Colombian airline SCADTA operating float-equipped Junkers F.13s between Barranquilla and Girandot.


The RAF takes over from the British Army in assuming policing duties in Iraq
October 15 - the Spanish airline Compax±x­a Espax±ola de Trx¡fico Aéreo is established - it will eventually form part of Iberia Airlines.


The 6th Salon d'Aeronautique is held in Paris. The Breguet 19 is unveiled.
November 5 - Curtiss test pilot Bert Acosta wins the Pulitzer Trophy in a Curtiss CR-2 and establishes a new closed-circuit airspeed record of 284.36 km/h (176.7 mph).


December 5 - The first regular air services in Australia commence, with West Australian Airways.
December 16 - USS Wright (AZ-1) is commissioned as the United States Navy's first and only balloon ship. She is the only U.S. Navy ship ever to bear the "AZ" designation for "lighter-than-air craft tender."

First flights


February 24 - Douglas Cloudster


April 19 - Short Cromarty flying boat


May ?? - Boeing GA-1


June 16 - Blériot-SPAD S.46
June 21 - Bristol Ten-seater
June 23 - R38 class airship


7 July - Fairey Pintail
16 July - Avro 552

Entered service

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