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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1925:


In the United Kingdom, the first Royal Auxiliary Air Force squadrons are formed.


January 1 - French airline CIDNA is formed.


March 1 - Ryan Airlines begins regular services.


April - First in-flight movie shown on a scheduled flight: First National's The Lost World on Imperial Airways service from London to the continent.
April 13 - First scheduled airfreight service begins in the US.
April 15 - Ukvozdukhput begins services in the Ukraine.


May 1 - the Imperial Japanese Army Air Corps is established.


June 20 - Off New England, a United States Coast Guard Vought UO-1 becomes the first aircraft to pursue a rum-runner.
June 24 - Off New England, a United States Coast Guard Vought UO-1 becomes the first aircraft to assist in the capture of a rum-runner.


July 13 - Western Air Express is founded.


August 5 - Lloyd Aero Boliviano commences operations.


September 2 - Zeppelin USS Shenandoah breaks up in a storm and crashes, killing fourteen.
September 3 - The Spanish Navy aviation ship Dédalo, the only ship ever built capable of operating airships, balloons, and seaplanes, accompanies a Spanish fleet to Morocco to participate in the Rif War. Her aircraft and one of the airships she operates support the Spanish campaign to capture Ajir, which falls on October 2. She is the only European aviation ship to see combat between the end of the Russian Civil War and the beginning of World War II.


October 3 - The Royal Navy cruiser Vindictive launches a Fairey IIID floatplane by catapult. It is the first catapult launch of a standard British naval aircraft.
October 15 - a de Havilland DH.53 Humming Bird piloted by Flying Officer Campbell MacKenzie-Richards and also Flying Officer Riggs is successfully launched from the British airship R.33.
October 18 - Sadi Lecointe wins the Beumont Cup, with a speed of 194 mph (312 km/h).
October 26 - Schneider Trophy race flown at Baltimore, US. Won by Jimmy Doolittle (USA) in a Curtiss R3C at 374.2 km/h (232.6 mph).

First flights

Potez 25
Aero A.11


January 3 - Fairey Fox
January 5 - Short Singapore


Gloster Gamecock
February 22 - de Havilland Moth


March 10 - Supermarine Southampton


May 2 - Douglas C-1
May 10 - Armstrong Whitworth Atlas


June 4 - Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.9


July 6 - Douglas DAM
July 7 - Boeing 40
July 29 - Blériot 155


August 24 - Supermarine S.4
29 August - Gloster III


November 9 - Fairey Firefly (biplane)
November 26 - Tupolev TB-1

Entered service


May 15 - Junkers G.23 with Swedish Air Lines

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