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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1927:


The United States Navy's USS Langley (CV-1) becomes the first aircraft carrier to operate a multi-engine aircraft, the twin-engine Douglas T2D-1.


January 7 - Imperial Airways commences a regular service from Basra to Cairo via Baghdad, the first of its Empire "trunk routes"
January 15 - Boeing Air Transport is formed, to carry airmail between Chicago and San Francisco. This will eventually become United Airlines


March 14 - Pan American Airways is formed to carry airmail on the Key West-Havana route.
March 16 - The Portuguese Military Aviation seaplane Argos, piloted by Sarmento de Beires, makes the first Night aerial crossing of the South Atlantic, taking off from the Portuguese Guinea and arriving to Brazil.


May 1 - Imperial Airways introduces its luxury "Silver Wing" service between London and Paris.
May 8-9 - Charles Nungesser and Franx§ois Coli attempted to cross the Atlantic from Paris to the USA in Levasseur PL-8 The White Bird (L'Oiseau Blanc) biplane, but were lost.
May 20-21 - Charles Lindbergh flies The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic nonstop and solo, direct from New York City to Paris, as a first solo transatlantic flight.
May 20 - Flt Lt Roderic Carr sets out to set a new distance record, attempting to fly from England to India in a Hawker Horsely. Three days later, he will be rescued from the Persian Gulf.
May 27 - France's first aircraft carrier, the Bearn is commissioned


June 4-6 - With Charles A. Levine as his passenger, Clarence Duncan Chamberlinā€ˇ made a record nonstop transatlantic flight, in his monoplane Columbia, from Roosevelt Field, Long Island to Eisleben, Germany, a distance of 3,911 miles (6,294 km), in 42 hours and 31 minutes.
June 5 - the Verein fx¼r Raumschiffahrt ("Society for spaceship travel") is formed in Germany.
June 6 - Canadian innovator Wallace Turnbull sells the parent of the variable-pitch propeller to Curtiss-Wright in the United States and Bristol in the United Kingdom. It will be successfully flight tested on June 29.
June 15 - US businessman Van Lear Black charters a KLM Fokker F.VIIa for a flight from the Netherlands to Batavia, the first international charter flight.
June 28-29 - a US Army Fokker C-2 makes the first non-stop flight from the continental US to Hawaii.
June 29 - July 1 - Richard Evelyn Byrd with crew flies Fokker F.VIIa/3m "America" from New York City to France.


July 17 - USMC de Havilland DH.4s are used to attack bandits in Nicaragua threatening the garrison at Ocotal.


August 12 - the Royal Air Force holds a fly-off between four competing flying boat designs, the Supermarine Southampton, Blackburn Iris, Short Singapore, and the Saunders-Roe Valkyrie.
August 26 - Bert Hinkler sets a new non-stop distance record, flying from Croydon, England to Riga, Latvia.


September 8 - the Cessna company is established.
September 26 - Schneider Trophy race flown at Venice, Italy. Won by Flight Lt. S.N Webster (UK) in a Supermarine S.5 at 453.2 km/h (281.7 mph).
September 28 - Lt Dick Bently of the South African Air Force arrives in South Africa after having made the first solo flight there from England. He left London on September 1.


October 14-15 - Dieudonne Costes and Joseph le Brix make the first non-stop aerial crossing of the South Atlantic, flying a Breguet 19 from Saint-Louis, Senegal to Port Natal in Brazil, as a part of their round-the-world 57,000 km trip .


November 4 - Flying a Macchi M.52, Mario de Bernardi sets a new world airspeed record of 479.290 km/h (297.818 mph).
November 16 - US aircraft carrier USS Saratoga is commissioned.
November 17 - Sir Alan Cobham sets out from England in a Short Singapore to make an aerial survey of Africa.


December 14 - US aircraft carrier USS Lexington is commissioned.
December 29 - Georg Wulf, co-founder of Focke-Wulf, is killed in the crash of the Focke-Wulf Fw 19

First flights

Hamilton H-47, first US all-metal aircraft
Nieuport-Delage Ni-D 52


March 7 - Westland Wapiti
March 14 - Parnall Pike N202
March 26 - Handley Page Hinaidi


April 27 - Stinson Detroiter


May 12 - Armstrong Whitworth Starling
May 17 - Bristol Bulldog


June 22 - Short S.6 Sturgeon N199


July 4 - Lockheed Vega


Macchi M.52

Entered service


July 1 - Boeing 40 with Boeing Air Transport

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