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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1928:


The Soviet Union's First Five-Year Plan (1928-1932) begins, placing a high priority on the construction of new aircraft factories. It begins a rapid expansion of the Soviet aircraft industry.
The United States Coast Guard establishes a Aviation Section at its headquarters.


January 6-8 - Lt Christian Schilt makes ten flights in an O2U Corsair to evacuate wounded marines from the besieged village of Quilali, Nicaragua. He is awarded the Medal of Honor.
January 10 - John Moncrieff and George Hood perish attempting the first trans-Tasman flight between Australia and New Zealand.


February 3 - New York City decides to build its first municipal airport.
February 7 - Bert Hinkler leaves Croydon in an Avro Avian, attempting the first solo flight from England to Australia. He will arrive in Darwin on February 22.
February 12 - Lady Mary Hearth leaves Cape Town in an Avro Avian in an attempt to make the first solo flight by a woman from South Africa to England. She will arrive in Croydon on May 17.


March 30 - Mario de Bernardi sets a new airspeed record of 512.776 km/h (318.625 mph) at Venice, Italy - the first over 300 mph (483 km/h) and the first over 500 km/h (310.5 mph). He flies a Macchi M.52bis.


The Imperial Japanese Navy begins to experiment with coordinated torpedo attacks by aircraft and surface ships. It will not abandon the concept as impractical until the mid-1930s.
April 1 - The Imperial Japanese Navy forms its first seagoing aircraft carrier organization, the First Carrier Division.
April 13 - the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic from East to West is made by Hermann Kx¶hl, Ehrenfried Gx¼nther Freiherr von Hx¼nefeld, and Major James Fitzmaurice in a Junkers W.33 named the Bremen.


Sumitoshi Nakao becomes the first Japanese aviator to save his life by parachute when he bails out of one of two Mitsubishi 1MF2 Hayabusa-type fighter prototypes when it disintegrates during a diving test during official Army trials at Tokorozawa. Pilot uninjured.
May 15 - Rev John Flynn founds the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia at Cloncurry, Queensland, using a de Havilland DH.50. The service takes medical services to remote parts of the Australian bush.
May 23 - Umberto Nobile commands the Italian airship Italia on an ill-fated flight over the North Pole. The airship crashes on its way back, and Roald Amundsen is killed trying to rescue survivors.


June 9 - Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew make the first flight across the Pacific Ocean in the Fokker F.VIIb-3m Southern Cross. They left Oakland, California on May 31 and reach Brisbane via Honolulu and Fiji. The flight takes 83 hours.
June 11 - At the Wasserkuppe, Alexander Lippisch's Ente becomes the first aircraft to fly under rocket power, completing a 1,500-meter (4,921 ft) circuit of the landing strip.
July 12 - Emilio Carranza crashes in the New Jersey Pine Barrens while returning from New York City to Mexico City on a historic goodwill flight.
June 17 - Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.


The Daily Mail newspaper fits out a de Havilland DH.61 to use as a mobile press office. It carries its own darkroom and a motorcycle.


September 10 - 11 - Charles Kingsford Smith and crew make the first successful trans-Tasman flight.
September 18 - Don Juan de la Cierva flies a Cierva C.8 autogyro from Croydon, England, to Le Bourget, France, making the first crossing of the English Channel in a rotary wing aircraft.


October 11 - the Zeppelin Graf Zeppelin crosses the Atlantic in 71 hours.


December 12 - Royal Air Force Vickers Victorias evacuate British civilians from Kabul.
December 19 - Harold Pitcairn flies his first autogyro.

First flights


January 7 - Polikarpov Po-2


March 5 - Beardmore Inflexible


Mitsubishi 1MF2 Hayabusa
Sikorsky S-38
May 22 - Blériot 175


Hawker Hart


Avro Antelope


Hawker Tomtit


December 7 - De Havilland Hawk Moth

Entered service


Junkers G.31 with Lufthansa

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