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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1930:


The Surrey Aero Club inaugurates recreational flights from Gatwick Race Course (now London Gatwick Airport).
The German airship LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin makes its first crossing of the South Atlantic.


January 25 - American Airways is formed


March 21 - The Chilean army and navy air arms are combined to form the Chilean Air Force.


May 5-24 - Amy Johnson flies from Croydon, England, to Darwin, Australia in a de Havilland Gipsy Moth
May 15 - Ellen Church becomes the world's first flight attendant, working for Boeing Air Transport;
May 23 - President Herbert Hoover presents the crew of the flying boat NC-4 with gold medals for completing the first transatlantic flight in 1919.


June 4 - Lt Apollo Soucek sets a new seaplane altitude record of 43,166 ft (13,157 m) in a F3W Apache


July 16 - August 8 - the second International Tourist Aircraft Contest Challenge 1930 in Berlin, won by the German crew of Fritz Morzik on the BFW M.23 plane.
July 19 - Death of Frank Goldsborough in a crash in Vermont.
July 20 - August 1-7,560 km race over Europe of the Challenge 1930 contest.
July 23 - aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss dies
July 29 - British airship R.100 makes a test flight to Montreal and back.


August 3 - * The Imperial Japanese Navy practices dive bombing for the first time, using fighters to sink the retired protected cruiser Akashi with 4-kg (8.8-lb) practice bombs in Tokyo Bay.
August 8 - End of the Challenge 1930 contest, won by Fritz Morzik.
August 23 - Ford National Reliability Air Tour starts in Chicago.
August 25 - Eddie August Schneider sets the junior transcontinental air speed record. He flew from Westfield, New Jersey


September 3 - Ford National Reliability Air Tour finishes in Chicago. Harry Russell takes first place, and Eddie August Schneider finishes in eight place, but wins the Great Lakes Trophy.


October 5 - British airship R.101 crashes in France while en route to India. Forty-seven people are killed.
October 25 - TWA (originally "Transcontinental and Western Air") begins the first regular passenger flights between New York and Los Angeles.

First flights

RWD-4 (spring)
Nakajima E4N (date unknown)


April 29 - Polikarpov I-5


May 6 - Boeing Monomail
May 16 - Blériot 110


June 12 - Handley Page Heyford


July 18 - Blackburn Sydney


September 12 - Taylor E-2
September 24 - Short Rangoon


October 5 - Junkers Ju 52


November 14 - Handley Page HP.42
November 18 - Boeing XP-9
November 25 - Fairey Hendon


December 22 - Tupolev ANT-6

Entered service

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