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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1965:



January 2 - Denis Healey, the United Kingdom's Secretary of Defence, cancels the nation's fighter and military transport programmes and orders the purchase of the US-built F-4 Phantom and C-130 Hercules in their place.
January 26 - President Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco of Brazil decides that the Brazilian Air Force henceforth will control all Brazilian fixed-wing military aircraft, including those aboard the aircraft carrier Minas Gerais, and that the Brazilian Navy will control all seagoing rotary-wing aircraft. Key Brazilian naval personnel resign in protest.


February 15 - G Meher sets out from Culver City, California on a journey to become the first woman to cross the United States by helicopter
February 19 - Lufthansa signs up as the first customer for the forthcoming Boeing 737


March 2 - Operation Rolling Thunder begins, a massive air campaign against North Vietnam by the US
March 6 - a Sikorsky SH-3A Sea King makes the first non-stop helicopter flight across North America. The distance travelled is 2,116 miles (3,405 kilometres) and a new distance record for helicopters


April 1 - Tasman Empire Airways becomes Air New Zealand.
April 3 - The United States Air Force mounts the first and largest U.S. air strike against the Thanh Hoa Railroad and Highway Bridge in North Vietnam, which the bridge survives. Despite 873 sorties against it over the next seven years, the bridge will not be destroyed until April 1972.
April 6 - United Air Lines places orders for new aircraft worth $US 750 million - the largest airliner purchase at the time.
April 6 - the BAC TSR.2 is cancelled in favour of the General Dynamics F-111 for the Royal Air Force (which is not, in the end, bought either)
April 23 - The first production C-141A Starlifter was delivered to the USAF Military Airlift Command (MAC, successor to MATS).


May 1 - a Lockheed YF-12 sets a new international airspeed record of 2,070 mph (3,331 km/h).
May 12 - Crash of prototype HFB-320 Hansa Jet due to tail design problem; killed was manufacturer Hamburger Flugzeugbau's chief test pilot.
May 26 - Sir Geoffrey de Havilland dies, aged 82.


June 17 - US Navy fighters from VF-21 shoot down two North Vietnamese Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17s
June 18 - the first B-52 Stratofortress missions are flown against North Vietnam


July 10 - first US Air Force aerial victories of the Vietnam War scored by F-4 Phantoms


the RAF carries out air strikes against Yemeni guerillas near Aden.
The Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force engage in clashes over Kashmir. It is the first combat between the two air forces.
September 11 - the US 1st Cavalry Division arrives in Vietnam with 400 helicopters
September 13 - a new hot air balloon altitude record is set of 9,770 ft (2,978 m)


November 15 - a Boeing 707 makes the first polar circumnavigation of the world.


December 2 - USS Enterprise becomes the first nuclear-powered warship to see combat, launching air strikes at the Viet Cong near Bien Hoa
December 21 - New York Airways commences helicopter services between the roof of the Pan Am building and John F. Kennedy International Airport

First flights


February 25 - Douglas DC-9
February 27 - Antonov An-22


April 2 - Partenavia Oscar
April 15 - Aérospatiale Puma prototype SA.330
April 22 - Transavia PL-12 Airtruk


May 7 - Canadair CL-84
May 20 - De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter


June 2 - Aerotec Uirapuru
June 4 - Nanchang Q-5
June 13 - Britten-Norman Islander


July 16 - OV-10 Bronco
July 19 - Breguet Atlantic


August 12 - Fuji FA200 Aero Subaru
August 18 - Kamov Ka-26
August 31 - Aero Spacelines Super Guppy


September 7 - AH-1 Cobra
September 27 - A-7 Corsair II

Entered service


April 1 - NAMC YS-11 with Japan Domestic Airlines
April 9 - BAC One-Eleven with British United Airways


November 30 - Convair 600 with Central Airlines

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