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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1987:



January 1 - United States Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphins and US Navy H-3 Sea Kings help rescue people trapped inside the Dupont Plaza hotel Puerto Rico after a fire there on New Year's Eve
January 7 - French Air Force jets attack the Libyan Air Force base in Ouadi Doum to avenge a raid by Libya against the French military 3 days before.


February 1 - Peoplexpress Airlines ceased operations.
February - British Airways privatised.


April 2 - a Royal Air Force Vickers VC-10 sets a new record time between the UK and Australia, landing in Perth after a flight of 16 hours 1 minute.

April 10 Mr. Johan x…hling -Sweden- introduces the 'Mosquito', a foot launched Powered Hang Glider harness.


May 9 - An Ilyushin Il-62 of LOT Polish Airlines bound for New York, crashes on take-off, killing 183 persons.
May 29 - Mathias Rust, 19 years old, a West German pilot, shocks people by landing his Cessna 172 plane in Red Square, Moscow.


June 21 - Air France pilot Partick Fourticq and friend Henri Pescarolo once again walk into the record books, completing an around the world flight aboard a Lockheed 18, in 88 hours and 19 minutes.


August 16 - a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 of Northwest Airlines (Northwest 255) crashes on take-off for a flight from Detroit to Phoenix. 156 are killed, including two on the ground.
August 30 - Israel's government cancels the IAI Lavi programme


September 15 - a Eurocopter Panther sets new time-to-altitude records for helicopters in its class


October 23 - the last F-104 Starfighter is phased out of Luftwaffe service
October 31 - British Airways accepts the airline's first women pilots.


November 14 - Air Transat began airline operations.
November 26 - a DC-9 of Continental Airlines crashes in Denver, Colorado on take-off during a snowstorm. 26 lose their lives and 56 are gravely injured.
November 27 - A South African Airways Boeing 747-200 Combi operating Flight 295 catches fire and crashes, killing 159.


December 7 - a PSA BAe 146 crashes after a former USAir employee shoots the pilots, killing forty-three.

First flights


February 13 - Fokker 50
February 22 - Airbus A320


March 9 - Yakovlev Yak-141


April 30 - Promavia Jet Squalus


June 10 - Boeing Vertol Model 360
June 24 - Grob/E-Systems/AlliedSignal Egrett


October 9 - EHI EH101


November 24 - F-14 Tomcat - model "D"


AEA Maverick
December 29 - Scaled Composites ATł

Entered service

April - Tu-160 in Soviet Air Forces (184th Guards Heavy Bomber Regiment in Pryluki)

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