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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1994:



April 14 - USAF F-15 Eagles shoot down two US Army UH-60 Blackhawks over Iraq, mis-identifying them as Iraqi Mil Mi-25s
April 16 - a Royal Navy Sea Harrier is shot down over Serbia by a SA-7 Grail. The pilot was later rescued


June 6 - 160 people die in mainland China's (PRC) worst air disaster ever as China Northwest Airlines flight 2303 crashes south of Xian.
June 9 - an Antonov An-124 carries a 109-tonne diesel locomotive from Ontario to Dublin


July 2 - a USAir DC-9 crashes in North Carolina, the victim of a mircoburst, killing thirty-seven people.

July 12 - a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules flies the 10,000th United Nations relief flight into Sarajevo


Flt Lt Jo Salter is posted to No. 617 Squadron RAF (Tornado GR1Bs), the RAF's first female fast jet pilot
August 5 - USAF A-10 Thunderbolt IIs attack and destroy a Serbian anti-tank gun
August 30 - Lockheed and Martin Marietta announce their intention to merge. They will form Lockheed-Martin the following year.


September 8 - USAir (now US Airways) flight 427 crashes into a hillside near Aliquippa, Beaver County, Pennsylvania killing all 132 people aboard.
September 22 - two RAF SEPECAT Jaguars and a USAF A-10 attack and destroy a Serbian T-55 tank


October 1 - United Airlines created a new airline named United Shuttle.
October 31 - American Eagle Airlines Flight 4184 crashed in Roselawn, Indiana after a flaw in the ATR-72's deicing system lead to a buildup of ice on the plane's wings.


December 11 - PAL Flight 434 is damaged by a bomb planted by Ramzi Yousef, killing a passenger. The B747-200 lands safely on Okinawa without further incident.
December 24-26 - Flight AF 8969 is hijacked at Algiers. Three passengers are killed before the A300 is allowed to fly to Marseille, where it is stormed, killing all four hijackers.

First flights


February 15 - Eurocopter EC 135


March 27 - Eurofighter Typhoon


June 12 - Boeing 777


September 13 - Airbus Beluga


October 25 - Bell 430


December 16 - Antonov An-70

Entered service

December - Tupolev Tu-204

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