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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1997:


British Airways adopts a new livery which consists of a revised logo and around 20 different ethnic tailfins featuring art and designs representing many countries around the world.


Air Comet began airline operations.
March 17-May 28 Linda Finch, pilot, aviation historian, and San Antonio, Texas businesswoman, flying a restored and specially equipped 62-year-old Lockheed Model 10 Electra, recreates the 1937 Amelia Earhart flight to circumnavigate the globe solo. Her attempt was successful, taking 73 days. She touched down in Oakland, California.


August 1 - Boeing and McDonnell Douglas complete merger forming The Boeing Company.
August 6 - Korean Air Flight 801 crashes in Guam on landing approach. Killing 228 people.


September 8 - The Boeing 777-300 is rolled out. At 73 metres (242 feet) it is the longest airliner ever built. This title will be claimed by the Airbus A340-600 in 2001.
September 15 - September 21 - World Air Games in Turkey (among others, consisting of 10th FAI World Rally Flying Championship)
September 26 - Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 crashes in Medan, Indonesia. Killing all 234 passengers and crew.


November 17 - ValuJet Airlines terminated operations after merging to AirTran Airways.

First flights


August 22 - AASI Jetcruzer 500
September 7 - F-22 Raptor
October 16 - Boeing 777-300

Entered service

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