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Airplane Picture - Aero Ae 02 The Aero Ae 02 was the first fighter aircraft to be designed and built in Czechoslovakia, first flying in 1920. Of conventional biplane configuration, the aircraft's performance was adequate for a fighter of its day, but the Czech Air Force was not interested in purchasing it. Flown by Josef Novak, the Ae 02 went on to win the Silver Cup at the Czech Aeroclub's annual flying meet of 1921 for best overall performance. Development continued as the Ae 04. Specifications (Ae 02) General characteristics -Crew: one, pilot -Length: 5.45 m (17 ft 11 in) -Wingspan: 7.70 m (25 ft 3 in) -Height: () -Wing area: 16.7 m (180 ft) -Empty weight: 675 kg (1,485 lb) -Max takeoff weight: 945 kg (2,079 lb) -Powerplant: 1 Hispano-Suiza 8Ba, 164 kW (220 hp) Performance -Maximum speed: 225 km/h (139 mph) -Rate of climb: 172 m/min (565 ft/min) Armament -2 x synchronised .303 Vickers machine guns

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