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Aircraft Picture - Soviet stamp showing Beriev Be-10

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Beriev Be-10

Beriev Be-10

Aircraft Picture - Soviet stamp showing Beriev Be-10

Picture - Soviet stamp showing Beriev Be-10

Role: Patrol bomber
Manufacturer: Beriev Aircraft Company
First flight: 20 June 1956
Status: Retired
Primary user: Soviet Naval Aviation
Produced: 1958-1961
Number built: 28

The Beriev Be-10, (NATO reporting name: Mallow) was built by the Soviet Beriev Aircraft Company in 1961. It was a jet-engined flying-boat patrol bomber of all-metal construction with the engines located beneath the wing roots and with splayed-out tailpipes. The deeply streamlined hull was fitted with a small, single-step sea rudder under the air rudder. Spray fences on either side of the bow protected the engine from water intake. 50 swept wings had a marked anhedral angle, with balanced floats attached by short pylons on the wingtips.

The Be-10 is sometimes referred to as the M-10. This designation is believed to apply only to the modified Be-10 that established 12 FAI world records in 1961, coded '40 Yellow'. The M-10 still holds class records for speed and altitude.

The Be-10 first appeared in public when four Be-10s flew over Tushino in 1961, giving the impression that the Be-10 was already in service. However, Beriev was also developing the turboprop-powered Be-12, which was ultimately preferred. The Be-12 was easier to operate and had better endurance, and only a few Be-10s were built. The Be-10 suffered from metal fatigue due to the stress on the airframe from the high-speed takeoffs and landings, together with corrosion.


Soviet Union

Soviet Naval Aviation (AV-MF)

Specifications (Be-10)

Aircraft Picture - Beriev Be-10

Picture - Beriev Be-10

Data from Beriev's Jet Flying Boats

General characteristics

Crew: 3
Length: 31.45 m (103 ft 2 in)
Wingspan: 28,60 m (93 ft 10 in)
Height: 10.7 m (35 ft 1 in)
Wing area: 130 m (1,400 ft)
Empty weight: 27,600 kg (60,900 lb)
Loaded weight: 45,000 kg (99,000 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 48,500 kg (106,900 lb)
Powerplant: 2x Lyulka AL-7PB non-afterburning turbojets, 71.2 kN (16,000 lbf) each


Maximum speed: 910 km/h (565 mph)
Cruise speed: 785 km/h (488 mph)
Range: 3,150 km (1,957 mi)
Service ceiling: 12,500 m (41,010 ft)


Guns: 4 x 23 mm (0.90 in) Afanas'yev/ Makarov AM-23 cannon. 2 forward firing, and 2 in a radar-controlled tail turret
Missiles: Up to 3 RAT-52 torpedoes.
Bombs: 12 x FAB-250 250 lb bombs or 1 FAB-3000 3,000 lb bomb.
Plus anti-shipping mines.

Related development

Beriev R-1

Comparable aircraft

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