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Bloch MB.300 Warbird Information

Bloch MB.300

Manufacturer: Société des Avions Marcel Bloch
First flight: 1935
Introduction: 1938
Primary users: Air France Spain
Number built: 1

The Bloch MB-300 "Pacifique" (a.k.a. La Grosse Julie, "Big Julie") was a French all-metal three-engine monoplane that was developed to enter service as an Air France airliner. Though a single prototype was produced by Société des Avions Marcel Bloch in 1935, it was eventually rejected by Air France circa 1938.

Design and development

Test flight happened on November 15 or November 16, 1935 at the Villacoublay airfield with test pilots André Curvale and Jean Lapeyr. The prototype (F-AONB) went under a serie of modifications in early 1936 then again in March 1937. Passengers number was then reduced from 30 to 24.

It officially entered in service with the Air France fleet in January 1938 (as F-AOUI). Its whereabouts are unknown, yet reports say it was delivered to Spain.


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General characteristics

Crew: 4
Length: 25.316 m ()
Wingspan: 25.890 m ()
Height: 6.250 m ()
Wing area: 97.70 m² ()
Empty weight: 8.875 kg ()
Loaded weight: 13.055 kg ()
Max takeoff weight: 9,500 kg ()
Powerplant: 3 x— Gnome-Rhx´ne 14N-16/7 radial engine, 1,100 hp () each


Maximum speed: 329 km/h
Range: 800 km ()
Service ceiling: >3,350 m ()

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