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Boeing Phantom Works

Industry: Aerospace and Advanced Research and Development
Founded: by McDonnell Douglas
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Key people: Darryl Davis (President)
Employees: 2,600
Parent: The Boeing Company

The Phantom Works division is the main research and development arm of The Boeing Company. Founded by McDonnell Douglas before the merger with Boeing, its primary focus had been development of advanced military products and technologies. After the merger, research and development expanded to cover commercial and space applications as well. Phantom Works has been a driving factor behind nearly all of the company's large contracts, including the upcoming X-45.

Phantom Works is currently organized into advanced systems teams and advanced technology teams. Advanced systems focuses on specific new business markets. The advanced technology teams focus on providing engineering, information and manufacturing technologies for use by all Boeing business units.

Phantom Works projects

Boeing Phantom Eye: durable, reconnaissance drone
Boeing Phantom Ray: Unmanned flying test bed for advanced air system technologies
X-32 Joint Strike Fighter
Bird of Prey: stealth fighter UAV demonstrator
A160 Hummingbird UAV helicopter
X-37 Advanced Technology Demonstrator
Pelican ULTRA
X-48 Blended Wing Body demonstrator
X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing
Quad TiltRotor (with Bell Helicopter)
F/A-XX: sixth generation fighter concept

Skunk Works, a similar division of Lockheed Martin

Boeing Phantom Works Pictures

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