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Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAC) is a Chinese aerospace conglomerate that manufactures aircraft parts as well as designs and manufactures combat aircraft. It was founded in 1958 (as Chengdu State Aircraft Factory No.132 Aircraft Plant) to be a supplier of aircraft for the Chinese military. Currently it is a subsidiary of AVIC I.

The Chengdu conglomerate designed and now produces the Jian-10 (J-10) medium-weight multi-role fighter that is considered to be one of the most advanced in China's inventory, as well as the FC-1/JF-17 light-weight multi-role fighter that is produced in cooperation with Pakistan.



ACAC ARJ21 nose section
Chinese licensee of McDonnell Douglas MD-80 / MD-90
Parts supplier for Northrop Grumman
Empennage (horizontal stabilizer, vertical fin and tail section) for the Boeing 757
Parts and maintenance tools for Airbus


Chengdu J-7 - Lightweight interceptor; export models designated F-7
FC-1 Xiaolong/JF-17 Thunder - Lightweight multi-role fighter
Chengdu J-10 - Medium-weight multi-role fighter
Chengdu J-20 - Heavy-weight fifth generation stealth fighter


Chengdu JJ-5 (JianJiao-5) basic jet trainer; export model designated FT-5


Chengdu Airframe Plant
Chengdu Engine Company
Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute

Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
China Aviation Industry Corporation
ACAC consortium
China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
Guizhou Aircraft Industry Co.
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation
Shanghai Aviation Industrial Company
Shanxi Aircraft Company
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
People's Liberation Army Air Force

Chengdu AIG

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