World War II Documentary Video - A Fighter Pilot's Story - Quentin C. Aanenson - Airplane Videos and Airplane Pictures

World War II Documentary - A Fighter Pilot's Story

Part 1: Briefing of missions - Thunderbolts - Attack procedures - What war does to pilots - Psychology of the fighter pilot

World War II Documentary - A Fighter Pilot's Story

Part 2: 366th Fighter group at Laon - Duffy's Tavern - 1944 - German Flack Guns - Deaths of Ray Beebe, Dick Curtis and Rett Alderman; all buddy's from Duffy's Tavern - Flying through flack - Pilot going "flack-happy" - Nov. 17, 1944: worst mission of the war - Heavy losses - More casualties from Duffy's Tavern

World War II Documentary - A Fighter Pilot's Story

Part 3: Listed as MIA - Dead tent-mates - No more new friends - New anti-aircraft shells - friendly fire - German jet-plane Messerschmidt 262 on the scene - Air support for US infantry troops besieged by German Tanks - Damage to plane - near crash - Meets the infantry officer after the war

Part 4: Bad winter of 1944 - Christmas in Belgium - The brutal deaths of fellow pilots - To kill or to be killed - World of death

Part 5: strain of combat - Launching of V2 rocket - Dec. 16 Battle of the Bulge starts - Snowed-in - New assignment - New Years Eve in Liege - Hits of V1's

Part 6: Coordinating fighter support -Close calls - News from back home - Promoted to captain in january 1945 - Castle in Germany

Part 7: 8th Division tries to cross Ruhr river - Don't Fence Me In - Artillery Barrage at Germans - Shell almost kills pilot - February 1945 - 9th Army reaches the Rhine

Part 8: Capture of Cologne - Valley of Death - Cathedral still intact - Puts bridge out of commission - 45 days of leave - Flight back home to the USA - Washington DC - Marries on April 17, 1945 Jacqueline Greer

Part 9: German surrender - Aftermath for Quentin - Atlantic City - Japan surrenders

Part 10

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