Tushino Air Show 1961 - Airplane Videos and Airplane Pictures

Tushino Air Show 1961 - Part 1

Tushino Air Show 1961 - Part 2

Featured: Mil, Mi-1, Hare, Mi-4, Hound, Mi-6, Hook, Mi-10, Harke, Kamov, Ka-20, Mi-8, Hip, Ka-22, Vintokryl, Hoop

Tushino Air Show 1961 - Part 3

Featured: Mil, Mi-1, Hare, Yakovlev, Yak-18, Yak-32

Tushino Air Show 1961 - Part 4

Featured: Antonov, An-22, Antei, An-24, Coke, An-12, Cub, An-2, Colt, MiG-19

Tushino Air Show 1961 - Part 5

Featured: MiG-15UTI, MiG-19, Farmer, MiG-21, Fishbed, MiG-17, Fresco, Sukhoi, Su-9, Fishpot, Tupolev, Tu-95, Bear, Tu-16, Badger, Tu-22, Blinder, Yakovlev, Yak-26, Myasishchev, M-50, Bounder

Tushino Airfield (ICAO: UUUS) is an airport located in the northwest part of Moscow, Russia. During the Cold War it was the site of military airshows which reviewed the latest in Soviet innovation. It is a general aviation airfield.

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