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Douglas A-33

Model 8A-5/A-33

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company
Introduced: 1941
Primaryuser: US Army Air Corps
Variants: Northrop A-17

The Douglas A-33 (Model 8A-5) was an updated version of the Northrop A-17 for the export market, with a more powerful engine and increased bomb load.

Design and development

Thirty-four Model 8A-5Ps were ordered by Peru, however thirty-one were repossessed by the Army Air Corps at the start of World War II. These aircraft, designated A-33, were used for training, target tug, and utility duties.


Model 8A-5 A-33


United States

United States Army Air Corps

Specifications (A-33)

General characteristics

Crew: two
Length: 32 ft 5 in (9.8 m)
Wingspan: 47 ft 9 in (14.5 m)
Height: 9 ft 9 in (3 m)
Max takeoff weight: 8,950 lb (4,060 kg)
Powerplant: 1x Wright R-1820 Cyclone radial engine, 1200 hp (895 kW)


Maximum speed: 275 mph (440 km/h)
Range: 1,400 mi (2,250 km)
Service ceiling: 22,300 ft (6,800 m)


4 x forward .30 machine guns
2 x .30 machine guns in rear cockpit
1800 lb (820 kg) bombload

Related development

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