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Douglas DF


National origin: United States
Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company
Introduced: 1930s
Number built: 4 (1 prototype, 3 production)

The Douglas DF was a commercial flying boat built by Douglas Aircraft Company in the 1930s. It could accommodate 32 passengers, or 16 in sleeper cabins. The prototype and first production aircraft were sold to the Soviet Union as DF-195's; the final two aircraft, as DF-151's, were bought by the Japanese Navy through the South Pacific Mandate. These were evaluated under designations HXD-1 and HXD-2, the latter crashed in August 1938.


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General characteristics

Capacity: 32
Length: 69 ft 10 in (21.3 m)
Wingspan: 95 ft in (28.86 m)
Height: 24 ft 6 in (7.47 m)
Wing area: 1,295 ft (120.31 m)
Empty weight: 17,315 lb (7,854 kg)
Gross weight: 28,500 lb (12,927 kg)
Powerplant: 2 x Wright SGR-1820G-2 radial piston, 1,000 hp (746 kW) each


Maximum speed: 178 mph (286 km/h)
Range: 3,300 miles (5,311 km)
Service ceiling: 13,900 ft (4,235 m)

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