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Fokker D.IV


Manufacturer: Fokker
Designed by: Martin Kreutzer

The Fokker D.IV was a German fighter biplane of World War I, a development of the D.I. It had a more powerful Mercedes D.III engine. The aircraft was purchased in small numbers (40) by the German Army and the Swedes bought 4.


German Empire

40 aircraft.


Swedish Air Force - Four aircraft.


General characteristics

Crew: one pilot
Length: 6.30 m (21 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 9.70 m (31 ft 10 in)
Height: 2.75 m (9 ft 0 in)
Wing area: 21.0 m (226 ft)
Empty weight: 606 kg (1,336 lb)
Gross weight: 840 kg (1,852 lb)
Powerplant: 1 x Mercedes D.III straight-6, 120 kW (160 hp)


Maximum speed: 160 km/h (100 mph)
Range: 220 km (137 miles)
Rate of climb: 5.6 m/s (1,100; 20 minutes to 13,100 Ft. ft/min)


2 x fixed, forward-firing 7.92 mm (.312 in) LMG 08/15 machine guns

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