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Airplane - Fokker V.8

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Fokker V.8

Fokker V.8

Airplane - Fokker V.8

Role: Fighter
Manufacturer: Fokker-Flugzeugwerke
Designed by: Reinhold Platz

After the initial success of the Fokker Dr.I triplane, Anthony Fokker proposed a quintuplane. His Chief Engineer, Reinhold Platz, was opposed to building the aircraft. Some portions of the V.6 were used. Biplane wings were added mid-fuselage, producing an aircraft with five wings. The pilot was seated just ahead of the biplane wings. The triplane wings forward were just behind the propeller. Fokker, who was his own test pilot, flew it twice. It never flew again. The Fokker V.8 was powered by a 119 kW (160 hp) Mercedes engine.

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