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Friedrichshafen FF.35


Manufacturer: Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen
First flight: 1916
Primary user: German Navy
Number built: 1

The Friedrichshafen FF.35 was a seaplane torpedo bomber built in Germany during World War I. Similar in general design to the Friedrichshafen G.I, it was a conventional four-bay biplane with unstaggered, unequal-span wings. The horizontal stabiliser was mounted halfway up the tail fin, and the undercarriage consisted of two widely-spaced pontoons. The sole FF.35 was delivered to the German Navy for testing in May 1916 and was given the serial number 300. Although no further examples were built, the FF.35 formed the basis for the successful FF.41.


General characteristics

Crew: Three
Length: 13.50 m (44 ft 4 in)
Wingspan: 23.74 m (77 ft 11 in)
Height: 4.50 m (14 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 100.0 m² (1,076 ft²)
Empty weight: 2,292 kg (5,052 lb)
Gross weight: 3,543 kg (7,810 lb)
Powerplant: 2 x— Mercedes D.III, 120 kW (160 hp) each


Maximum speed: 114 km/h (71 mph)
Range: 770 km (480 miles)


1 or 2 x— 7.92 mm (.312 in) Parabellum MG14
1 x— 726 kg (1,600 lb) torpedo

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