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Giuseppe Mario Bellanca

Aviation History - Giuseppe Mario Bellanca

Born: March 19, 1886 Sciacca, Italy
Died: December 26, 1960 New York City

Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (March 19, 1886 - December 26, 1960) was an airplane designer and builder who created the first monoplane in the United States with an enclosed cabin in 1922. This groundbreaking aircraft is now on display at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Bellanca was born in Sciacca, Italy and he graduated with an engineering degree from the Politecnico di Milano university. He emigrated to the United States in 1911. In 1927 he started the Bellanca Aircraft Company and on July 4, 1927 he was featured on the cover of Time. He died in New York City in 1960.


1886 Born in Sciacca, Sicily
1909 Built first airplane. It completed the first flight of an Italian-designed, Italian-built, aircraft on December 8, 1909.
1911 Immigrated to America, settled in Brooklyn, New York.
Aviation History - Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (1886-1960) in 1927

Picture - Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (1886-1960) in 1927

1912 Completed construction of parasol monoplane. Successfully learned to fly this aircraft at Mineola, Long Island
1912 Taught others to fly the parasol monoplane, including Fiorello La Guardia
1916 Ends teaching
1917 Employed as a consulting engineer for Maryland Pressed Steel Company of Hagerstown, Maryland. While there, he designed and built the Bellanca CD and CE tractor biplanes.
1920 Ends consulting
1921 Moves to Little Italy in Omaha, Nebraska, and with Victor Roos, formed the Roos-Bellanca Aircraft Company. Bellanca designed and built the Bellanca CF
1922 Married Dorothy Brown on November 18, 1922, in Omaha, Nebraska
1923 Moved back to New York, and designed and built new sets of wings for the Post Office Department's DH-4 mailplanes.
1925 Employed by the Wright Aeronautical Corporation of Paterson, New Jersey, designing an aircraft around their new "Whirlwind" engine. The Wright-Bellanca 1, or WB-1, was the result, and was first flown in the latter part of that year.
1926 First flight of the WB-2
1927 Wright decided not to enter into quantity production of the WB-2. Bellanca entered into a partnership with Charles A. Levine, and together, they formed the Columbia Aircraft Corp.
1927 April 25, Clarence Chamberlin and Bert Acosta set a new world's non-refueled endurance record in the WB-2, which was shortly thereafter, renamed the "Columbia"
1927 On June 4, the Columbia set off across the Atlantic for Germany
1927 Bellanca started the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of America, on Staten Island, New York
1927 Bellanca established the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of New Castle, Delaware
1941 Head of the aviation department at Higgins Industries, Inc., in New Orleans, designing large cargo aircraft for troop movement during the war.
1943 Ends term at Higgins Industries
1954 Formed the Bellanca Development Company, to conduct research in lightweight aircraft construction materials.
1960 Died of leukemia in New York, December 26.


In 1993, August Bellanca donated his father's personal and professional papers to the National Air and Space Museum Archives. Prior to that time, they were kept in the Bellanca home near Galena, Maryland, and administered by Dorothy and August Bellanca.

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