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Hanriot HD.14


National origin: France
Manufacturer: Hanriot, Mitsubishi
First flight: 1920
Primary users: Aéronautique Militaire Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, Polish Air Force, Soviet Air Force
Number built: ca. 2,100

The Hanriot HD.14 was a military trainer aircraft produced in large numbers in France during the 1920s. It was a conventional, two-bay biplane with unstaggered wings of equal span. The pilot and instructor sat in tandem, open cockpits, and the fuselage was braced to the lower wing with short struts. The main units of the fixed tailskid undercarriage were divided, each unit carrying two wheels, and early production examples also had anti-noseover skids projecting forwards as well.

In 1922, production shifted to a much improved version, known as the HD.14ter or HD.14/23. This featured a smaller wing area, and revised tail fin, interplane and cabane struts, and fuselage cross-section. The landing gear track was narrowed in order to facilitate the aircraft's loading onto the standard army trailer of the day.

Incredibly prolific (the Aéronautique Militaire alone operated 1,925 examples), it was also licence-produced by Mitsubishi in Japan, where another 145 were built.


HD.14 - Original production version. Also known as the HD.14 EP2.
HD.14ter - Improved version of 1922. Also known as the HD.14/23.
HD.14S (Sanitaire) - Air ambulance version
HD.141 - Remanufactured ex-Army HD.14s for French aeroclub use
Ki 1 - Japanese Army designation of the Hanriot HD.14



Aéronautique Militaire


Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (145, licence-built by Mitsubishi)


Estonian Air Force (2)


Polish Air Force (70)

Soviet Union

Soviet Air Force (30)

Bulgaria Mexico Spain

Specifications (HD.14, early production)

General characteristics

Crew: Two, pilot and instructor
Length: 7.80 m (23 ft 10 in)
Wingspan: 10.87 m (35 ft 8 in)
Height: 3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)
Wing area: 34.5 m² (370 ft²)
Powerplant: 1 x— Le Rhx´ne 9, 60 kW (80 hp)


Maximum speed: 110 km/h (68 mph)
Range: 180 km (112 miles)
Service ceiling: 4,000 m (13,125 ft)

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