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Airplane Picture - Hunting Percival P.74 being readied for flight testing c. 1956

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Hunting Aircraft

Airplane Picture - Hunting Percival P.74 being readied for flight testing c. 1956

Founded: 1933 (as Percival Aircraft Co.)
Defunct: 1959
Headquarters: Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Hunting Aircraft was a British aircraft manufacturer, that produced light training aircraft and initially designed the BAC 1-11 jet airliner. The company, based in Luton, merged with other companies to form the British Aircraft Corporation in 1959.


The company was originally formed as Percival Aircraft Co. in Gravesend in 1933 by Edgar Percival to produce his own designs. Restructured in 1936, it became Percival Aircraft Ltd, and moved to Luton. The company became part of the Hunting Group in 1944. Percival, who had resigned from the board to serve in the RAFVR during the war sold his remaining interest in the company at that point.

Changing its name to Hunting Percival Aircraft in 1954 and finally to Hunting Aircraft in 1957 the company merged with the Bristol Aeroplane Company, English Electric and Vickers-Armstrongs in 1959 to form the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC), later to become part of British Aerospace, now BAE Systems.


Percival Aircraft

Edgar Percival E.P.9
Percival Gull IV
Percival Gull VI
Percival Vega Gull
Percival Mew Gull
Percival Q.6
Percival Petrel
Percival P.28 Proctor
Percival P.40 Prentice
Percival P.48 Merganser
Percival P.50 Prince
Percival P.54 Survey Prince
Percival P.56 Provost
Percival P.66 Pembroke
Percival P.66 President
Percival P.74 8-seat experimental gas turbine/tipjet powered helicopter
P.87 fixed wing DC-3 replacement, not built

Hunting Aircraft

Hunting H126- an experimental STOL jet aircraft
Hunting Percival P.84 Jet Provost
BAC 1-11 (a project started at Hunting, and completed by the new BAC)

Gull IV Gull VI Vega Gull Mew Gull Percival Q.6 Petrel P.28 Proctor P.40 Prentice P.48 Merganser P.50 Prince P.54 Survey Prince P.56 Provost P.66 Pembroke P.66 President P.74

P.84 Jet Provost

H.126 BAC 1-11

Henry Millicer Edgar Percival

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