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Kamov Ka-92

Kamov Ka-92 is a high-speed coaxial helicopter design proposed by Kamov of Russia. Its competing with the Mil company for a 1.3 Billion USD project by the Russian government for development of a high-speed helicopter.

Design and development

The Kamov Ka-92 is part of a program of the newly established Russian Helicopters company intended to create a new generation of middle-class helicopters cruising at about 500 km/h (312 mph) and fly over a distance of up to 1400 km. Its preliminary design and some specification data were unveiled at HeliRussia 2009 exhibition near Moscow.

The Ka-92 will feature a coaxial rotor system which is distinctive of Kamov products. Like on the Mil Mi-X1, a pusher propeller will be used on the Ka-92 but the Kamov will use two instead of one as Mil has chosen. As Kamov Chief Designer Sergey Mikheev explained, the traditional design when the main rotor both lifts and pushes the aircraft forward only works up to a speed of about 300 km/h due to retreating blade stall. “Now we plan to split the functions of horizontal and vertical flights between different rotors,” said Mikheev.

The Ka-92 is planned as a 30-seat passenger helicopter with a take-off weight of 16 tons. According to Mikheev, the first prototype will be powered by two reliable Klimov VK-2500 engines equipped with a new gearbox. But the designers plan to install more powerful 3,200 hp VK-3000 turboshafts as soon as St Petersburg-based Klimov Company finishes their development. With improved aerodynamics and two rear-mounted counterrotating pusher propellers, the Ka-92 is expected to reach a cruise speed of 420 to 430 km/h.

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