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Airplane Picture - Japanese Experiment Module

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Industry: Rolling stock, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Construction, Automobiles
Founded: 15 October 1896
Headquarters: Chūō-ku, Kobe, Japan Minato, Tokyo Japan
Key people: Satoshi Hasegawa, President
Revenue: US$15.08 billion (As of March 31, 2008)
Employees: 30,563 (As of 31 March 2008)
Website: http://www.khi.co.jp

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. is an international corporation based in Japan. It has headquarters in both, Kobe and Minato, Tokyo.

The company is named after its founder Shozo Kawasaki and has no connection with the city of Kawasaki, Kanagawa.

Even though it originally started out as a ship-building company, its most visible consumer product lines are its motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, although the company and its subsidiaries also manufacture personal water craft, ships, industrial plants, tractors, trains, small engines, and aerospace equipment (including military aircraft). Subcontract work on jet aircraft (including jumbo jets) has been done for Boeing, Embraer, and Bombardier.



Airplane Picture - Japanese Experiment Module

Picture - Japanese Experiment Module "Kibō"

Kawasaki is active in a diverse range of the aerospace industry. The Company is a contractor for the Japanese Ministry of Defense and has built aircraft such as the T-4 intermediate jet trainer and the P-3C antisubmarine warfare patrol airplane. It is currently developing two large, next-generation aircraft, the XP-1 maritime patrol airplane and the C-X transport aircraft. Kawasaki also builds helicopters, including the BK117, jointly developed and manufactured with Eurocopter. It also produces the CH-47J / JA helicopter.

In the commercial aviation business, the company is involved in the joint international development and production of large passenger aircraft. It is involved in joint development and production of the Boeing 767, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 with The Boeing Company, and the 170, 175, 190 and 195 jets with Empresa Brasileira de Aeronxutica. It is also involved in the joint international development and production of turbofan engines for passenger aircraft such as the V2500, the RB211/Trent, the PW4000 and the CF34.

Airplane Picture - Lineup of JR East Shinkansen trains, October 2009

Picture - Lineup of JR East Shinkansen trains, October 2009

Kawasaki also work for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The Company was responsible for the development and production of the payload fairings, payload attach fittings (PAF) and the construction of the launch complex for the H-II rocket. It continues to provide services for the H-IIA rocket.

Kawasaki has also participated in projects such as the development of reusable launch vehicles for spacecraft that will handle future space transport, space robotics projects such as the Japanese Experiment Module for the International Space Station, the HOPE-X experimental orbiting plane and the docking mechanism for the ETS-VII.

Main products

Space systems
Jet engines
Electronic equipment

Rolling stock

Airplane Picture - A train of Kawasaki MARC III bi-levels at BWI Rail Station on the Penn Line headed towards Baltimore.

Picture - A train of Kawasaki MARC III bi-levels at BWI Rail Station on the Penn Line headed towards Baltimore.

Kawasaki is Japan’s largest manufacturer of rolling stock. It began operations in the industry in 1906. It manufactures express and commuter trains, subway cars, freight trains, locomotives, monorails and new transit systems. Kawasaki is also involved in the development and design of high-speed trains such as Japan’s Shinkansen.

Main Products

Electric cars (including Shinkansen trains)
Passenger coaches and freight cars
Diesel locomotives
Electric locomotives
Platform screen door systems
Passenger coaches and freight cars integrated transit systems


Airplane Picture - Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corp - Kobe Works

Picture - Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corp - Kobe Works

Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Its product range include high-performance LNG and LPG carriers, container ships, bulk carriers and VLCCs, as well as submarines. The Company is also involved in the development of offshore structures and research vessels.

Kawasaki also produces marine machinery and equipment, including main engines, propulsion systems, steering gears, deck and fishing machinery.

Main products

LNG carriers
LPG carriers
Container ships
High speed vessels
VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers)
Bulk carriers
Offshore structures
Marine machinery and equipment

Energy plants and facilities

Kawasaki's key offering are high-performance gas turbines. The company is also involved in development of new energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels such as wind power generation, biomass power generation, photovoltaic systems and rechargeable batteries.

Main products

Small and medium-sized gas turbine generators
Gas turbine cogeneration systems
Gas Engines
Wind turbine generators
Ash handling systems
Combined cycle power plants
Nuclear power plant equipment

Industrial equipment

Airplane Picture - Kawasaki FS-03N industrial robot

Picture - Kawasaki FS-03N industrial robot

Kawasaki develops and builds a vast array of industrial plants and equipment, including large cement, chemical and nonferrous metal plants, prime movers, and compact precision machinery. It also offers industrial plant engineering from design to sales.

Kawasaki also develops automation systems. Industrial robots for processes such as assembly, handling, welding, painting and sealing, as well as automation systems for distribution and logistics such as automated product- and cargo-handling systems for plants and airports.

Main products

Industrial plants
Industrial robots
Aerodynamic machinery
Hydraulic equipment

Environment and recycling

Kawasaki is involved in the development of equipment that prevents pollution in a wide range of industries. Among the leading products are fuel gas desulfurization and denitrification systems, and ash handling systems. The Company also supplies municipal refuse incineration plants, gasification and melting systems, sewage treatment and sludge incineration plants.

Kawasaki has also been developing systems that enable a wide range of municipal and industrial waste to be recovered, recycled and put to new use. Such systems include refuse paper and plastic fuel production facilities that convert wastepaper/plastics into an easy-to-handle solid fuel, equipment that converts old tires into highway paving materials and tiles, and machinery that sorts glass bottles by size and color.

Main products

Municipal refuse incineration plans
Water treatment systems
Industrial waste recycling equipment
Flue gas desulfurization equipment


Kawasaki’s history of building steel structures spans more than a century, with bridge-building among its first businesses. The company offers of storage solutions for LNG,

Kawasaki’s portfolio also includes retractable roofs, floors and other giant structures, the Sapporo Dome's retractable surface is one example.

For construction, Kawasaki produces products such as wheel loaders, tunnel machines, rollers, snowplows and purpose specific loaders. The tunnel boring machines used to excavate the Channel Tunnel and the 14.14 m diameter shield machines used in the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line construction are two well-known examples.

Main products

Wheel loaders
Construction machinery
Shield Machines
tunnel boring machines
Steel bridges
LNG and LPG tanks
Airport and port-related products


Airplane Picture - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR

Picture - Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR

Kawasaki produces motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs and cars. Kawasaki’s motorcycle include the Ninja sport bikes, and cruisers, dual-purpose and motocross motorcycles, as well as utility vehicles, ATVs and general-purpose gasoline engines. Kawasaki's "Jet Ski" has become a genericized trademark for any type of personal watercraft.

Affiliates and subsidiaries


Airplane Picture - Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Kobe head offices are located in the Kobe Crystal Tower

Picture - Kawasaki Heavy Industries' Kobe head offices are located in the Kobe Crystal Tower

Akashi Ship Model Basin Co., Ltd.
Alna Yusoki-Yohin Co., Ltd.
Benic Solution Corp.
EarthTechnica Co., Ltd.
Enetec Co., Ltd.
Fukae Powtec Corp.
JP Steel Plantech Co.
Kawaju Akashi Service Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Oita Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Metal Industries, Ltd.
Kawasaki Setsubi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd.
Kawasaki Precision Machinery Ltd.
Kawasaki Machine Systems, Ltd.
Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan
Kawasaki Hydromechanics Corp.
Kawasaki Life Corporation
Kawasaki Naval Engine Service, Ltd.
Kawaju Akashi Engineering Co., Ltd.
KEE Environmental Construction, Co. Ltd.
KEE Environmental Service, Ltd.
Kawaju Gifu Service Co., Ltd.
Kawaju Gifu Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Prime Mover Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Construction Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Rolling Stock Technology Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Rolling Stock Component Co., Ltd.
Kawaju Shoji Co., Ltd.
Kawaju Techno Service Corp.
Kawaju Tokyo Service Corp.
Kawaju Facilitech Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
K Career Partners Corp.
K-GES Co., Ltd.
K-Tec Corp.
KGM (Kawaju Gifu Manufacturing) Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Setsubi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Construction Machinery, Hokkaido Ltd.
Kawaju Sakaide Service Co., Ltd.
Kawaju Kobe Support Co., Ltd.
Kawaju Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
KHI JPS Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Inspection Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Research Center Ltd.
Nichijo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
NIPPI Corporation
Sapporo Kawasaki Rolling Stock Engineering Co., Ltd.
Technica Corp.
Union Precision Die Co., Ltd.


North America

Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc.
Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (U.S.A.), Inc.
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
Kawasaki Precision Machinery (U.S.A.), Inc.
Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.
Kawasaki Robotics (U.S.A.), Inc.

South America

Kawasaki do Brasil Industria e Comercio Ltda.
Kawasaki Motores do Brasil Ltda.
Autotecnica Colombiana S.A


Kawasaki Marine Machinery Co. Ltd. (Wuhan)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ship Engineering Co. Ltd. (Nantong, China; COSCO)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Machinery Trading Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Technology Co. Ltd. (Dalian, China)
Kawasaki Precision Machinery (China) Ltd.
Kawasaki Robotics Co. Ltd. (Tianjin, China)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Kawasaki Machine Systems Ltd. (Korea)
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Asia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Kawasaki Bajaj Motor Ltd. (India)
P.T. Kawasaki Motor (Indonesia)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Design & Technical Service Inc. (Makati, Philippines)
Kawasaki Motors Corporation (Philippines)


Kawasaki Motors Pty. Ltd.


Kawasaki Precision Machinery (U.K.) Limited
Kawasaki Robotics (U.K.) Ltd.
Kawasaki Robotics G.m.b.H.
Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH
Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Europe Finance B.V.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Europe) B.V.

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