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Korea Aerospace Industries

Industry: Aerospace & Defence
Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Sacheon, South Korea
Key people: Hong-Kyung Kim (President and CEO)
Products: Civil aircraft Military aircraft Satellites
Revenue: 1,086.6 Billion Won (2009)
Operating income: 50.4 Billion Won (2009)
Net income: 90.2 Billion Won (2009)
Employees: 2,928 (2009)
Website: http://www.koreaaero.com

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (commonly referred to as KAI, Korean: 한국항공우주산업, Hanja: 韓國航空宇宙産業) is a South Korean aerospace company, originally a JV of Samsung Aerospace, Daewoo Heavy Industries (aerospace division), and Hyundai Space and Aircraft Company (HYSA), which in 1999 took over its founding members at the behest of the Korean government following their financial troubles which emerged in the 1997 financial crisis.

Past and current aircraft models


KF-16, 1991
KT-1, 1998
T-50 Golden Eagle, 2001
F-15K, 2002
P-3CK, 2005
Surion, 2006


Bell 427 helicopter with Bell
Bell 429 helicopter with Bell

Current projects

KC-100 - four-seat, single piston engine general aviation aircraft


Korean Multipurpose Satellites No. 1, 2, 3 and 5

Future Projects

KFX - Korea Aerospace Industries KFX

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