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Designed by the Russian firm Mikoyan, the Skat (Russian: Скат - "Manta Ray") is one of two concept strike UCAV currently being developed for the Russian Defense Ministry. It is a low-observable, subsonic craft meant to carry weapons in two ventral weapons bays large enough for missiles such as the Kh-31. The SKAT is to be powered by a single Klimov RD-5000B turbofan engine, a variant of the RD-93.

Possible roles include the suppression and attack of enemy air defenses. The first version of Skat to fly is planned to be piloted in order to meet Russian flight regulations. A number of aerodynamic configurations have been wind-tunnel tested, including with small twin fins. MiG has settled on a tail-less configuration.

The single-engine subsonic design has an 11.5 meter wingspan, and it is 10.25 meters long. The UCAV has a maximum take-off weight of 10 tons, with a maximum speed of 800 kilometers per hour (497 mph) at low altitude. It is intended to carry a combat load of up to two tons, with a combat radius of 2,000 km.

Specifications (Projected)

General characteristics

Crew: 0
Length: 10.25 m (33.6 ft in)
Wingspan: 11.5 m (37.7 ft in)
Powerplant: 1 x Klimov RD-5000B, ? kN (? lbf) thrust


Maximum speed: 800 km/h (497 mph)
Service ceiling: 12000 m ( ft)


Up to 2 tons of weapons in internal bays

Comparable aircraft

Boeing X-45
Northrop Grumman X-47
Lockheed Martin Polecat
Dassault nEUROn
BAE Taranis
Phantom Ray

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