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Nakajima A4N


Nakajima A4N

Role: Fighter aircraft
National origin: Japan
Manufacturer: Nakajima Aircraft Company
First flight: Autumn 1934
Introduction: January 1936
Primary user: Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Produced: 1935-1940
Number built: 221
Developed from: Nakajima A2N

The Nakajima A4N was a carrier-based fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the last biplane designed by Nakajima. The first prototype was completed in 1934, but due to engine trouble the aircraft did not see service until 1936. The Japanese Navy designation was Type 95 Carrier-based Fighter. A total of 221 were built.

Specifications (A4N1)

Data from Japanese Aircraft, 1910-1941

General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: 6.64 m (21 ft 9 in)
Wingspan: 10.00 m (32 ft 9 in)
Height: 3.07 m (10 ft 1 in)
Wing area: 22.89 m (246.4 ft)
Empty weight: 1,276 kg (2,813 lb)
Loaded weight: 1,760 kg (3,880 lb)
Powerplant: 1x Nakajima Hikari 1 nine cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 545 kW (730 hp)


Maximum speed: 352 km/h (190 knots, 219 mph) at 3,200 m (10,500 ft)
Cruise speed: 233 km/h (126 knots, 145 mph)
Range: 847 km (457 nautical mile)
Endurance: 3 hours
Service ceiling: 7,740 m (25,393 ft)
Wing loading: 76.9 kg/m (15.74 lb/ft)
Climb to 3,000 m (9,840 ft): 3 min 30 sec


Guns: 2x fixed, forward-firing 7.7 mm machine guns

Related development

Nakajima A2N


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