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Nord-Aviation (French pronunciation: [nɔʁ avjasjɔ̃], Northern Aviation) was a state-owned French aircraft manufacturer. It was created on October 1, 1954 upon the acquisition of SFECMAS (Socit Franxaise d'xtude et de Construction de Matriels Aronautiques Spciaux) by SNCAN (Socit Nationale de Constructions Aronautiques du Nord). The name Nord is also used as a generic name to refer to the Pingouin light aircraft.

The company was based in the centre of France, on the site of Bourges airport, in the dpartement of Cher. In 1970, Nord Aviation merged with Sud Aviation to create Socit Nationale d'Industrie Arospatiale (SNIAS), later renamed Arospatiale and ultimately merged into European aerospace corporation EADS in 2000.

Aircraft production (for SNCAN and Nord Aviation)

Airplane Picture - Nord 1203 Norcrin trainer

Picture - Nord 1203 Norcrin trainer

Airplane Picture - Nord 1500 prototype

Picture - Nord 1500 prototype

Airplane Picture - Nord 262 airliner

Picture - Nord 262 airliner

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