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Airplane Picture - RAF Panavia Tornados over Iraq.

Picture - RAF Panavia Tornados over Iraq.

Panavia Aircraft GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschrx¤nkter Haftung) is a multinational company established by the three partner nations of the Tornado Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) project, Germany, Italy and the UK. The company was based and registered in Germany.

In a similar arrangement, development of the Tornado's RB199 turbofans is undertaken by the multinational Turbo Union Ltd. based in the UK.

The NATO Multirole Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (NAMMA) was established to manage development and production of the Tornado.

The Tornado management model was adopted for the European Fighter Aircraft, which is now in production as the Eurofighter Typhoon. The NAMMA was replaced by the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA), which is the prime contractor for the Eurofighter Weapon System and continued development of the Tornado.

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