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Polikarpov Design Bureau was a Soviet OKB (design bureau) for aircraft, led by Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov. After his death on 30 July 1944 at the age of 52, his OKB was absorbed into Lavochkin, but with some of its engineers going to Mikoyan-Gurevich and its production facilities going to Sukhoi. For long time the Polikarpov OKB headquarters were located at Aircraft plant #1 (formerly - Dux aircraft factory) in Moscow, where its specially built building still stands.


Polikarpov designs:

R-1 biplane reconnaissance aircraft based on the British Airco DH.9A bomber
R-2 biplane reconnaissance aircraft based on R-1
MR-1 floatplane version of R-1
PM-1 (P-2) biplane airliner
PM-2 (PM-2) floatplane [1]
Po-2 "Mule" (U-2) general purpose biplane
I-1 (IL-400) monoplane fighter prototype
DI-1 (2I-N1) twin seat biplane fighter prototype
P-2 biplane trainer prototype
I-3 biplane fighter
R-4 biplane reconnaissance aircraft (R-1 development)
DI-2 (D-2) twin seat biplane fighter
TB-2 twin engined biplane bomber prototype
R-5 biplane reconnaissance aircraft
P-5 light transport version of R-5
SSS Light bomber development of R-5
R-Z ground attack development of R-5
PR-5 airliner development of R-5
I-5 biplane fighter
I-6 biplane fighter
I-15 Chaika biplane fighter
I-16 fighter
I-15-2 or I-152 (I-15bis) biplane fighter
I-15-3 or I-153 Chaika biplane fighter
Polikarpov I-17 fighter
I-180 prototype fighter
I-185 prototype fighter
Ivanov ground attack aircraft
VIT-1 twin engined attack aircraft
VIT-2 development of VIT-1
PR-12 monoplane airliner development from R-5
SPB twin engined dive bomber developed from VIT types
I-190 biplane fighter prototype developed from I-153
TIS (MA) twin engined fighter prototype
ITP (M) fighter prototype
NB (T) medium bomber prototype
BDP (S) transport glider
MP powered version of the BDP
Malyutka rocket powered fighter abandoned incomplete upon Polikarpov's death
Limozin (D) light transport aircraft abandoned incomplete upon Polikarpov's death
I-200 (MiG-1) fighter

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