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PZL.53 Jastrzab II Aircraft Information

PZL.53 Jastrzab II

PZL.53 Jastrzab II

National origin: Poland
Manufacturer: Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze
Status: Project
Primary user: Polish Air Force (planned)
Developed from: PZL.50 Jastrzab

PZL.53 Jastrzab II (Hawk) was a project of Polish pre-war fighter aircraft developed from PZL.50 Jastrzab and designed by Wsiewołod Jakimiuk of the PZL works. A single-seat low-wing monoplane was to serve as a multi-purpose fighter and escort and reinforcement for PZL.50 Jastrzab in the Polish Air Force.

Initial design was prepared in 1939 and was based on PZL.50 Jastrzab but aircraft had greater bomb load (300 kg compared to 100 kg in PZL.50) and two additional 20 mm guns. Aircraft was designed for much stronger 1200-1300 hp engine chosen from PZL Bristol Herkules III, PZL Waran, Pratt-Whitney or Gnome-Rhxne 14R4 engines.


PZL.53A First production variant powered by 1200/1300 hp engine. PZL.53B Development of the PZL.50B powered by Gnome-Rhxne 14R4 engine.

Operators (planned)


Polish Air Force

Specifications (PZL.53)

Data from

General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: ()
Wingspan: ()
Height: ()
Powerplant: 1x Bristol Mercury VIII radial engine, 1200-1300 hp ()


Maximum speed: 550-560 km/h


Guns: 2 x 20 mm FK wz. 38D guns, 4 x 7.92 mm machine guns
Bombs: 1 x 300 kg


Glass, Andrzej. Polskie Konstrukcje Lotnicze Vol.3 (In Polish). Sandomierz, Poland: Wydawnictwo Stratus, 2008.

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