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Sopwith Type 860 Aircraft Information

Sopwith Type 860

Sopwith Type 860

Manufacturer: Sopwith Aviation Company
First flight: 1914
Primary user: Royal Naval Air Service
Number built: 22

The Sopwith Admiralty Type 860 was a 1910s British biplane seaplane torpedo bomber designed and built for the Admiralty by the Sopwith Aviation Company.

Design and development

First flown in December 1914 the Type 860 was two-bay unswept biplane with staggered unequal span wings. The upper wings had a strut braced extension and ailerons were fitted on all four wings It had twin strut-mounted floats under the fuselage and a float mounted under the tail and each wingtip. It was powered by a nose-mounted 225 hp (168 kW) Sunbeam Mohawk engine driving a two-bladed propeller. It had two tandem open cockpits and could carry one 810 lb (367 kg) torpedo under the fuselage.


United Kingdom

Royal Naval Air Service


General characteristics

Crew: 2
Wingspan: 62 ft 11 in ( m)
Wing area: 790 ft ( m)


1 x 810lb (367kg) Torpedo

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