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Sukhoi Su-28

Role: Trainer
Manufacturer: Sukhoi
First flight: 1987
Primary user: Russian Air Force
Developed from: Sukhoi Su-25

The Sukhoi Su-28 is a downgraded variant of the Su-25UB/Su-25T, with reductions in avionics and aircraft systems, together with a full reduction of weapon-carrying capability. The Su-28 trainer is intended for technical skill, general flight and formation flying training. It is also used as a demonstrator of advanced aero-maneuvers.

Design and development

The Su-28 is a highly maneuverable and robust aircraft with the ability to perform take-off and landing with only one of its two engines running. The aircraft's engines can also run on a diesel based fuel as opposed to more traditional aviation fuel. Like the MiG-29, it also has the ability to operate from unpaved runways while maintaining high reliability and a low maintenance requirement. It will withstand heavy landings, allowing it to be more forgiving in the training role. Range can be extended by up to four PTB-800 drop tanks, each of 800 l capacity.

Differences between the Su-28 and its parent Su-25UB model include the absence of targeting systems, weapon-operating systems, internal guns, wing pylons (used on military aircraft to mount weaponry such as bombs and missiles). It also lacks armor protection for the engines, advanced fly-by-wire controls, electronic countermeasures and any systems dedicated to ground attack operations.

Airplane Picture - Sukhoi Su-28 in display.

Picture - Sukhoi Su-28 in display.



Russian Air Force

Specifications (Su-28)

General characteristics

Crew: 2
Length: 15.36 m (50 ft 5 inch)
Wingspan: 14.36 m (47 ft)
Height: 4.80 m (15 ft)
Wing area: 33.70 m (362.7 ft)
Empty weight: 4500 kg (4650 kg)
Loaded weight: 12,000 kg (26,455 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 17,222 kg (37,968 lb)
Powerplant: 2x TRD R-95Sh , 40 kN (4,100 kgf) each
* Fuel capacity (internal) : 2,750 kg
Fuel capacity (external) : 4 x 1,150 kg drop tanks


Maximum speed: 950 km/h (590 mph)
Range: 1000 km (652 miles)
Service ceiling: 7000 m (21000 ft)
Maximum g limit : 6 g (60 m/s)

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