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Tupolev Tu-2000


Status: Suspended temporarily
Primary user: Soviet Air Force/Russian Air Force
Number built: 0

The Tupolev Tu-2000 was a planned long-range heavy bomber designed by the Tupolev design bureau. Originally designed for the Soviet Union, development then continued for use by the Russian Air Force until it was eventually cancelled. Had it been built, it may have been the largest, fastest and heaviest bomber aircraft in the world.

On 19 August 2009, Tupolev announced that it had a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to develop a new-generation strategic bomber which "will be a conceptually new plane based on the most advanced technologies".

Design and development

Development of the Tu-2000 was initiated in 1986 as a Soviet response to the U.S. Rockwell X-30 project. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia took over the project and pursued it until 1992, when it was suspended due to lack of funds.


Max speed: Mach 6 in atmosphere, Mach 24 in space Weight: 192 tonnes Length: 72.00 m (236.00 ft) Maximum Diameter: 13.00 m (42.00 ft) Span: 30.00 m (98.00 ft) Max take off weight: 350 tonnes Crew: 2 Payload mass: 4-8 tonnes Powerplant type: Turbo jet/scramjet Propellants: Liquid hydrogen (LH2) with liquid oxygen (LOX - as oxidizer)

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