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camouflage colour schemes


I'm looking for the colour schemes used on the Hudsons that flew in North Africa and the colour scheme for Hitler's personal FW 200V1 Condor.  The father-in-law flew Hudsons in North Africa (two tours) so we'd like to recreate his plane as closely as possible.  As for Hitler's Condor, I came across a complete model kit in a thrift store for a dollar.  So, I thought I'd recreate the Immelmann IIII.  Later I'd like to recreate Rommel's Feilser Storch simply because I admire him.  Any help fellow members can give is greatly appreciated.

Try these links for the HUdson's color scheme in Africa:

Hope it helps!

Try this:

Listed in the center are the countries that operated the Hudson. Listed on the right are listed individual planes. If you click on one of those, it gives you details and has pictures. Maybe you can find one that has been in Africa.


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