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Zeppelin-Staaken R.VII Warbird Information

Zeppelin-Staaken R.VII

National origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Schutte-Lanz
Designer: Graf von Zeppelin
First flight: 1917
Primary user: Luftstreitkrxfte
Variants: Zeppelin-Staaken R.V, Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI, Zeppelin-Staaken R.XIV, Zeppelin-Staaken R.XV, Zeppelin-Staaken R.XVI, Zeppelin-Staaken Riesenflugzeuge

The Zeppelin-Staaken R.VII was an incremental improvement to the Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI. This was one of a series of large bombers called Riesenflugzeugen intended to be less vulnerable than dirigibles in use at the time.


The Staaken Bomber had two engine pods with 4 engines in a push-pull configuration. The pods were large enough for some in-flight maintenance.


German Empire

Specifications (Zeppelin-Staaken R.VII)

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General characteristics

Crew: 7
Length: 22.1 m (72 ft 6 in)
Wingspan: 42.2 m (138 ft 5 in)
Height: 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in)
Wing area: 332 m (3,570 sq ft)
Empty weight: 7,921 kg (17,463 lb)
Gross weight: 11,848 kg (26,120 lb)


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