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Battle of Morval

25 - 28 September 1916
Morval, France
Date: 25 - 28 September 1916
Location: Morval, France
Result: Indecisive
: United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders:
: Hubert Gough

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The Battle of Morval, which began on 25 September 1916, was an attack by the British Fourth Army on the German-held villages of Morval, Gueudecourt and Lesboeufs during the Battle of the Somme. These villages were originally objectives of the major British offensive of 15 September, the Battle of Flers-Courcelette. The French Sixth Army, which had not been keeping pace with British progress in September, also attacked to try to bring the two armies into line. While the village of Combles was finally taken, the French were unable to match the British advance and so the problem of a German salient at the boundary of the Allied armies remained.

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