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Emil Uzelac (Milan) born in Komx¡rom, Hungary, on August 26, 1867 - died in Petrinja, Croatia on January 7, 1954) was Croatian soldier and military commander who was a leading figure in the air forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Independent State of Croatia. He was a Croat and orthodox Christian by birth.

In 1912 he was made commander of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops, which until then had been mostly a force of balloons. He modernized the force and was subsequently decorated with numerous imperial awards.

After World War I Uzelac joined the Yugoslav Royal Air Force until its dissolution in 1941.

He was made an honorary general of the Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia, within the Croatian Home Guard.

He died in Petrinja on January 7, 1954 and was buried in Zagreb's Mirogoj cemetery.

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