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Georgi Todorov

Place of birth: Bolgrad, contemporary Ukraine
Place of death: Sofia, Bulgaria
Allegiance: Bulgaria
Service/branch: Bulgarian Army
Years of service: 1877 - 1919
Rank: General
Commands held: Seventh Rila Infantry Division 2nd Bulgarian Army commander-in-chief
Battles/wars: Bulair Kalimantsi

Georgi Stoyanov Todorov (born on 10 August 1858 in Bolgrad (contemporary Ukraine); died on 16 November 1934 in Sofia) was a Bulgarian General who fought in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), Serbo-Bulgarian War (1885), Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and First World War (1914-1918).


At the age of 19 he volunteered in the Bulgarian Corps (Opalchentsi) during the Russo-Turkish Liberation War. After the liberation he graduated the first course of the Military School in Sofia (1879). In 1882 he entered the Sankt Peterburg Academy but could not graduate it because he returned for the Unification of Bulgaria in 1885 and took part in the war that followed immediately after it. During the war against Serbia he commanded a unit which fought successfully against the enemy in the area of Vidin and Kula.

After the war he participated in the dethroning of Alexander I and was dismissed from the Army in 1886 but only a year later he returned in office. On 13 August 1887 we was promoted a Major and on 1 January 1896 Todorov became a Colonel. He served in the Military School and as a chief of the Sevlievo garrison. On 1 January 1910 he was promoted Major General and a commander of the Seventh Rila Infantry Division.

Balkan Wars

During the First Balkan War (1912-1913) as a commander of the Seventh Rila Infantry Division he advanced towards Solun and on 26 January 1913 he defeated the Ottomans in the battle of Bulair.

During the Second Balkan War (1913) he and his division participated in the battle of Kalimantsi where the Serbs were defeated.

First World War

After the accession of Bulgaria in the First World War he commanded the 2nd Army. He led the operations in Macedonia which ended with the defeat of the Serbs in the battle of Ovche Pole. With that success the Bulgarians did not allow the meeting of the Serbian Army and the Anglo-French forces who embarked in Solun. In February 1917 he was in command of the 3rd Army and defeat the Romanians in Dobrudzha. From 8 September 1918 the became commander-in-chief of the Bulgarian Army after the illness of General Nikola Zhekov. He participated in the battle of Dobro Pole. He was dismissed in 1919.

General Georgi Todorov died on 16 November 1934 in Sofia.

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