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John Jackson

John Jackson may refer to:


John Jackson (Tampa), mayor of Tampa, Florida
John Jackson (UK politician) (1851-1919), Member of Parliament for Plymouth Devonport 1910 to 1918
John Edward Jackson, British diplomat
John G. Jackson (politician) (1777-1825), Virginia politician and federal judge
John Jay Jackson, Jr. (1824-1907), Virginia and West Virginia politician and federal judge
Sir John Jackson, 1st Baronet (1763-1820), British businessman and MP for Dover and one of the Jackson Baronets
John Jackson (Gold Coast), colonial governor in Gold Coast, (now Ghana)


John Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911), neurologist, namesake of Jacksonian seizure
John Jackson (astronomer) (1887-1958)
J. D. Jackson (John David Jackson) (born 1925), American physicist and author of the most widely used graduate textbook on electrodynamics

Artists and entertainers

John M. Jackson (born 1950), American Actor best known for playing the J.A.G. on JAG
John Jackson (painter) (1778-1831), British painter
John Jackson (engraver) (1801-1848) English wood engraver
Johnny Jackson (musician), drummer with the Jackson 5
John Jackson (blues musician) (1924-2002)
John Jackson, legal name of rapper Fabolous
J.J. Jackson (media personality)


John Jackson (American football), former NFL offensive tackle
Johnny Jackson (American football), cornerback
John Jackson (baseball) (1909-1956), former Major League Baseball pitcher who played in 1933
J. D. Jackson (basketball)
John Jackson (boxer) (1769-1845)
John Jackson (cricketer) (1833-1901), John (Foghorn) Jackson, English cricketer
John Jackson (footballer), goalkeeper who play for Crystal Palace F.C.
John Jackson (Lancashire cricketer) (1841-1906)
John Jackson (Somerset cricketer) (1898-1958), Chilean cricketer
John Jackson (sport shooter) (1885-1971), American Olympic sport shooter
John Jackson (Virgin Islands boxer), Olympic boxer from the Virgin Islands
John Jackson (wide receiver), former NFL player
John Angelo Jackson, mountaineer
John Jackson (Worcestershire cricketer) (1880-1968), English cricketer
Bud Fowler (1858-1913), John "Bud Fowler" Jackson, pioneer black baseball player and club organizer
John David Jackson (boxer)


John Jackson (bishop) (1811-1886), bishop of Lincoln and of Bishop of London
John Jackson (human rights organizer), former director of Burma Campaign UK
John G. Jackson (writer) (1907-1993), African-American cultural historian and writer
John Jackson (law professor), American law professor at Georgetown University

Jack Jackson (disambiguation)
Johnny Jackson (disambiguation)
Jonathan Jackson (disambiguation)
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