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Paolo Boselli

34th Prime Minister of Italy:
: In office June 18, 1916 - October 29, 1917
Monarch: Victor Emmanuel III
Preceded by: Antonio Salandra
Succeeded by: Vittorio Emanuele Orlando
Born: June 8, 1838(1838-06-08) Savona, Italy
Died: March 10, 1932(1932-03-10) (aged 93) Rome, Italy
Political party: Liberal-Conservative

Paolo Boselli (June 8, 1838 - March 10, 1932) was an Italian politician who served as the 34th Prime Minister of Italy during World War I.

Boselli was born in Savona, Liguria.

In June 1916 he was a relatively undistinguished center-right politician and one the oldest members of the Italian parliament, when he was appointed Prime Minister, following the collapse of the Salandra government as a result of military defeats. His government fell in October 1917 as a result of the Italian military defeat in the Caporetto.

He died in Rome.

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