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Pavle Jurisic Sturm Information

Pavle Jurisic Sturm

Place of birth: Gurlitz, Prussian Silesia
Place of death: Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
Allegiance: Kingdom of Serbia
Rank: General
Commands held: Serbian 3rd Army (World War 1)
Battles/wars: Battle of Cer, Battle of Kolubara, Salonika Front

Pavle Jurisic Sturm (August 8, 1848 - January 14, 1922) was a Serbian general of Sorbian origin who commanded the Serbian 3rd Army in the First World War.

Ĺ turm was one of the most important commanders in the Serbian army in the World War I, especially during the first two years of the war, the time when his 3rd army was main support either for the 2nd army during the battle of Cer, or for the 1st army during the battle of Kolubara.


Šturm was born and raised in Gurlitz, Prussian Silesia, when the Gurlitz region was still part of the homeland of the Sorbs. His parents were both ethnic Sorbs (not Serbs). He finished the royal Prussian military academy in Breslau (Wrocław) and went to Serbia before the Balkan wars to fight the Ottoman Turks, studying in the Serbian military academy and volunteering in the Serbian Army.

He fell in love with Serbia instantly, marrying a Serbian woman, and changed his name from Paulus to Serbian Pavle, and his last name Sturm to the typical Serbian last name that was modulated translation of his German last name - Sturm, meaning "Storm" in German was translated into Jurišić, with the root of the word "charge" ("juriš" in Serbian ).

Ĺ turm kept his German last name as an alias. His son, whom he had with his Serbian wife, was a sergeant in the Serbian army who participated in all major battles in the Serbian theater in World War I from Cer and Kolubara, then retreated over frozen Albania, was part of the resurrection of the Serbian army on the island of Corfu and the advance of the Serbian army, breaking the Salonika front.

After years of peace that followed, Ĺ turm stayed in Serbia and remained in its army with the rank of major general. He died in 1922 at his home in Belgrade.


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