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Second Battle of Kut

Date: Date
February 23, 1917
Kut, Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq)
British and India victory
Date: February 23, 1917
Location: Kut, Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq)
Result: British and India victory
: United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders:
: Frederick Maude
: 50,000
Casualties and losses:
: 32,000


The Second Battle of Kut was fought on February 23, 1917, between British and Ottoman forces at Kut, Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq).

The battle was part of the British advance to Baghdad begun in December 1916 by a 50,000-man British force (mainly from British India) organized in two army corps.

The British, led by Frederick Stanley Maude, recaptured the city, but the Ottoman garrison there did not get trapped inside (as had happened to Townshend's troops in the previous year when the Ottomans had besieged Kut in the Siege of Kut): the Ottoman commander, Kxzım Karabekir Bey, managed a good-order retreat from the town of his remaining soldiers (about 2,500), pursued by a British fluvial flotilla along the Tigris River.

The British advance wore off on February 27 at Aziziyeh, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) beyond Kut. After three days' worth of supplies had been accumulated, Maude continued his march toward Baghdad.

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Second Battle of Kut

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